images¬†Welcome to the Flannel Feather! My first Post (How to Roast a Turkey over an open fire on a spit from Brine to Table!) will be posted in the first week of 2016. What will this blog be about? Seasonal joys, everyday magic, and adventure because it is all out there just waiting for you. I am the Mom (level 37) of an adventurous 6 year old, we live in New England and use the seasons to guide our activities. Garden Planning in January, Tapping Trees for Maple Syrup in February, Seeding in March, on and on and on we go to planting, harvesting, canning, baking, cooking, and loving every moment of it all. My “professional” job title is Soil Scientist and Entomologist. We have gardens, Bees, Chickens, a Pollinator Habitat, Moth and Monarch rearing area, Out door clay ovens, and pretty much anything in between. My point is to help you realize that any of our adventures that suit you are completely possible for you to try and DO! Only have a postage stamp sized yard and want to host butterflies and Monarchs? You can do it, all you need is inspiration, a little guidance, and the guts! I would love to hear where YOU are from and what you are interested in! I promise you, everything we do is possible and most things are affordable (trust me!)